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Alexander Astahov Art Collection
Alexander Astahov is known for his colorful, surrealistic style and his signature butterfly, featured in each of his works. His series of magnificent interiors pays tribute to the masters, including Miro, Chagall and Van Gogh.

Astahov was born in Petropavlovsk, Russia in 1955. He studied at the High School of Arts in Oryol from 1972 till 1977 and later completed Post Graduate study and work at the Moscow Surikov High Art Institute. In 1982, ... Full Biography.

Untitled Photo Untitled, Alexander Astahov
Artist View Photo Artist View, Alexander Astahov
Master in Time Photo Master in Time, Alexander Astahov
Hommage to Chagall Photo Hommage to Chagall, Alexander Astahov
Untitled Photo Untitled, Alexander Astahov
Interior With View Photo Interior With View, Alexander Astahov
Untitled Photo Untitled, Alexander Astahov
Loving Moments Photo Loving Moments, Alexander Astahov
Untitled Photo Untitled, Alexander Astahov
Untitled Photo Untitled, Alexander Astahov
Hommage To Miro Photo Hommage To Miro, Alexander Astahov
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